About the Artists

Mike Childress

Mr. Childress fulfilled a 38-year long career at Eastman Chemical Company where he wore many hats from operations, research and development, and finally, manager of communications and public affairs. Before his passing in 2018, Mike gained recognition outside of work as an accomplished pen-and-ink artist, and for two decades was chosen to provide his drawings for the Texas Wildlife Association’s Texas Big Game Awards.

His artwork is still displayed in homes, businesses, and offices across the country, and even around the world. Mike was aware that he was able to duplicate on paper what God had created in life. Those who knew Mike say they were gifted by his ability to duplicate the love of God in each of their lives. His drawings portray nature and religious themes, and are one of a kind. 

Anup Bhandari

Before his passing in 2020, Anup Bhandari was a longtime volunteer and friend at Newgate Mission. He dedicated a decade of his life teaching art classes to the Newgate patrons in his spare time when he started the Healing Art Project. Anup turned to his art as a way to help people who frequent the mission by befriending them and seeing them for who they truly were.

Anup had a gift for teaching people to paint, however, he did so much more than that. He took his gift and parlayed it into helping people see the humanity in those who Newgate serves. He began painting portraits of those he met and befriended here, and eventually published a book containing these portraits with each person's story in their own handwriting. This book is called "The Faces of Newgate." He wanted the proceeds of this book to benefit Newgate, and by purchasing one today you can help keep that dream a reality.

How to Purchase

In order to purchase one of these priceless works of art, simply click the link to our PayPal below. Be sure to specify in the notes which piece you are purchasing, and how many. All of the proceeds will go to Newgate Mission, and will help us continue to serve our community.

Artwork Available For Purchase


Behind the Brush


Behind the Brush - $30


Vantage Point

Vantage Point - $30


Mesquite Haven

Mesquite Haven - $30



Friends Around Us

Friends Around Us - $30


The Healing of Jesus

The Healing Hands of Jesus - $30



Nomads 11x14 - $30


Trans Pecos

Trans-Pecos Treasures 11x14 - $30



Something's in the Air

Something's in the Air 11x14 - $30


faces of newgate

Faces of Newgate - $20 

Faces of Newgate features the people that Anup connected with and bonded with over the years, and tells their stories in their own handwriting. These are one of a kind, unique portraits painted by Anup.


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