How can I help?

Newgate Mission is always in need of and is grateful for any financial donations to support our efforts. Click here to learn more about financial donations.

We welcome anyone (individuals, groups, professionals, students, seniors) who can volunteer his or her time. We can use help with on a regular basis with serving meals, working events, and doing special projects. Click here to learn more about ways to volunteer.

Donations of hygiene items such as shampoo, soap, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and towels and washcloths are gladly accepted anytime throughout the year. Click here to learn more about ways to give. 

What are Newgate Mission’s goals?

Our immediate goal is to work on and improve the condition and appearance of our main building’s exterior. Additional plans include increasing the number of showers in our Annex building; replacing worn carpet with hard, durable flooring; painting the interiors of our buildings; and other general improvements.

We invite any individuals or groups who are able to take on special projects, such as renovations or maintenance and improvements to our facilities, to contact us at [email protected]

Another important Newgate Mission goal that we continually work on is the evaluation and improvement of our ongoing best practices for all of our services. 

Who does Newgate Mission serve?

No one is turned away at Newgate Mission. We serve the needs of families and senior citizens on fixed incomes, veterans, the working poor, individuals with mental health issues, people living in poverty or homelessness, and the Newgate community and surrounding neighborhoods.

I thought Newgate Mission was just about food for the homeless. What services do you offer?

Newgate Mission is much more than meals. While we provide 82,000 meals per year, we also provide worship services, medical consultations, showers, hygiene items, computer and internet assistance, pastoral counseling, prayer groups, life coaching sessions, workplace development and training, transportation, mail services, and so much more.

Do I have to have an ID to receive Newgate services?

No. In fact, if you need an identification card or driver’s license, we can assist you in obtaining it.

Do I have to show proof that I am low-income to receive services?

No, you do not. Newgate Mission seeks to provide nourishment in mind, body, and soul to all who enter our doors. Many of the people we serve are employed but may be experiencing a difficult period in their lives. We never want to exclude anyone from services when they are in need.

Can Newgate help me find housing?

Newgate can assist in locating housing opportunities, completing applications, and obtaining any necessary documentation.

How is Newgate Mission funded?

Newgate Mission is funded purely by donations from individuals, churches, foundations, and companies who support our mission. Newgate Mission receives no federal or state dollars. Newgate also operates with zero debt, meaning that all donations go straight into programs and services.